Visit to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Yesterday I went to Wappingers Falls, NY to Alex & Allyson Grey’s museum to attend a tattoo event that was going on there.

Visionary Tattoo EventI had been to see the Sacred Mirrors when they were on display in New York City. If you aren’t familiar with any of this you can check it out here: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors  This event was being put on by Guy Aitchison and Michelle Wortman (with the assistance of a whole bunch of other folks). If you are not familiar with their work you can check that out here: Hyperspace Studios

It was a wonderful day and the grounds there are truly inspiring. If you want more details you are going to have to ask. For now, here are some photos for you to check out.

Starting of course with getting there. There was a car show going on in Syracuse and there were beautiful classic cars all over the place. I even spotted some of the Beatniks on the road.

              <—- You can see driving bunny in this shot. He was a gift and lives in my car.

The photos from the grounds and inside…

entering COSM main house   Caryl Cunningham   spiderwebs   cafeteria area in COSM   ceiling light in COSM   Foyer sign in COSM      Alex Grey print   COSM vase   in between    ceiling light at COSM      mantle    amethyst crystals   cross      Alex Grey sculpture   Future Chapel of Sacred Mirrors model   model of Chapel of Sacred Mirrors   decorated deerskull      3D artwork   outside of COSM      Caryl Cunningham   Johnny Thief    People size Bird Cage   TeeJay on swing in Bird Cage   people size bird cage   TeeJay on swing in bird cage      Caryl and TeeJay on balcony of BirdHouse   Roof of People size BirdHouse   People Size Bird Nest   detail from Bird House   caryl entering Bird Nest   People size Bird Nest      Bird house from inside bird nest      back of building COSM   People size Birds Nest   Chapel of Sacred Mirrors outside of building   Alex & Allyson Grey   Allyson Grey      Visionary Tattoo Panel            Chapel of Sacred Mirrors symbol

Caryl and I did not stay for the late night paint session. Caryl had to leave early in the morning and I wasn’t looking forward to standing around watching people paint in a loud room… even folks who are as talented as these folks are. So back to the hotel room for a “light” snack before bed.

Ben & Jerry's for dinner   The pool in the hotel was pretty small and I was kind of sad that I couldn’t do laps, but once I got in I wound up just playing for a good while.   hotel pool and then back on the road for the trip home…                     

and finally back to my “loving” cat who was only slightly annoyed with me for having abandoned him again.

Toby catI have another adventure planned for this week, so hopefully I will have photos of projects and of that for you very soon.


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