I have not melted away…

Although in this heat it could definitely be a possibility.

These are out of order (well actually they are in alphabetical order, not chronological order), but I don’t know that it matters so much.

Becky was in and we added some background onto her Samurai and gave her some eyeliner. (The Samurai, not Becky) I am making a concerted effort not to bitch about the quality of my photographs anymore. I will say that this looks better in person than it does here.  Female Samurai tattoo

The canna lilies in out yard are starting to open up. Undaunted by the heat they are doing well, but are much shorter than they usually are. CannaLilies   Dina was in yesterday and we started to bring her Rainbow Goblin sleeve up her arm.Rainbow Goblins tattoo sleeve   Rainbow Goblin tattoo sleeve   Rainbow Goblin sleeve tattoo   I made a Dreamcatcher tattoo for Chastity, it’s been a while since I made one of these. I always like tattooing feathers! dream catcher tattoo   We did some more work on Eric’s Mara tattoo – finishing up Mara’s daughters and starting on a bit of the background. Mara and daughters tattoo   Monday was back to figure drawing class. Fortunately Steve has the air conditioning working in the studio. gesture drawings   gesture drawings    gesture drawings   gesture drawings      figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   Very honored to make a first tattoo for a friend of mine (since High School if you can believe it) who’s last name just so happens to be Greenman. Greenman tattoo   We did our second session on John’s first tattoo. Of course he is already trying to figure out what he is going to put on the other arm. Don’t worry John, it happens to the best of us ! John's half sleeve tattoo in progress   An obligatory cat photo. This is Loki. He is our own kitty terrorist. Looks sweet and innocent here, doesn’t he. Loki the Cat   Nadia got a little space filler done. This actually may be my all time winner for the strangest concept anyone has ever asked me to render as a tattoo. This is a tooth as a blossom for a thistle. I can’t think of one that tops that. tooth thistle tattoo   We added some peacock feathers to Natalie’s Mucha inspired tattoo. Getting close to finished on this one. The original peacock feather at the bottom was done by another artist and I reworked it and then added the rest. peacock feather tattoo   mucha inspired tattoo   And last (and very possibly least) some globe thistles that we have in the garden at home:

globe thistles   globe thistles


Hoping that I can remember how much I dislike this heat when I am shoveling this winter.
Know anyone who has a pool I can park myself in?


~ by justteejay on July 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “I have not melted away…”

  1. Hello TeeJay,
    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for ideas on Rainbow Goblin tattoos. And then I felt like I’d found a put of gold at the end of my rainbow! I can’t wait to see the finished product on Dina’s sleeve, and I sure hope I can entice you to design my dream tattoo. I browsed your sites and I don’t think I’ve ever meet any other artist (I’ve been looking) who has your heart and soul for beauty. I think my project would be right up your ally… Please email me! 🙂

    • Nicole,
      Unfortunately if there was a link to your email, it is no longer here. You can always email me directly if you like and we can talk about what you have in mind. My direct email is teejay1(that’s a number one, not an i or l)@frontiernet.net
      thanks so much,

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