Little Update and Happy Birthday America!

I have been “on vacation” this week. Which means pretty much nothing other than I had no tattoo appointments scheduled. Of course the original plan was to go away somewhere, but we all know what they say about plans…

Anyhow. I started a flash sheet as a collaboration with Miss Sara Purr. It’s been so long since I did any flash that I actually made it the wrong size – but I think I can fix it. I would like to make several more of these to trade back and forth.

flash owl, bat

This one I made just because I wanted to. Paul called it a Mer-Bit which I thought was awesome. Jessie pointed out that didn’t address the wings – so Winged Mer-Bit if you prefer.

mermaid bunny

Figure drawing as discussed previously, sometimes goes smoothly and sometimes does not. This week was more difficult than some, but I am still glad that I went.

gesture drawings   gesture drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   

and to go along with the Fourth of July, a few patriotic tattoos that I have made previously:

realistic flag tattoo   Eagle Flag tear-out tattoo   Patriotic tattoo

and Mike, if you are reading this – I did not include your fireworks because I could not locate the original photos.

Everyone – Have a Happy (and safe) Holiday!


~ by justteejay on July 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Little Update and Happy Birthday America!”

  1. You’re so talented!
    I love the fishy rabbit 🙂

  2. Very nice work! 🙂

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