Rick & Kelly visit

An absolutely wonderful couple that I met at the Detroit convention made their way to Rochester to get some tattooing from me last week.

Both of them did a great job of photographing each other’s tattoos in progress and they were nice enough to share those photos with me.

In addition Kelly took some nice candid shots of some of the Greece location crew while Rick was getting tattooed.

Kelly tattoo rework "before"   back rework tattoo drawing begins                  Kelly TeeJay & Mariah Rose               TeeJay tattooing Kelly                                 beginning of crow tattoo         crow tattoo tail detail   crow tattoo wing detail   smoke break - crow tattoo   crow tattoo in progress         TeeJay tattooing Rick      crow tattoo in progress            crow tattoo in progress         Joe Caiazza   Adam Francey   Joe Caiazza tattooing   top of Adam Francey's head   Rick's crow tattoo in progress   crow tattoo in progress   Kevin Farrand   Kevin Farrand   Adam Francey & Nadia Adams   Adam Francey & Nadia Adams   Kevin Farrand   Joe Caiazza tattooing   crow tattoo   crow tattoo   crow tattoo - finished (smoke break before photos and bandaging)   crow tattoo weepy   crow tattoo tail detail   crow tattoo wing detail   crow tattoo wing detail bloody   Adam Francey   Joe Caiazza   Adam Francey    Rick in White Tiger Tattoo      Joe Caiazza Rick Rosine and TeeJay   finished crow tattoo   crow tattoo head detail   Rick's Crow tattoo finished

Full color crow tattoo

~ by justteejay on June 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Rick & Kelly visit”

  1. I’ll be sending the healed pictures soon the color in the crow is really starting to pop you’ll be so proud!!!

  2. oops my last name is Rosine

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