Figure Drawing this week and some Tattoos that I missed

Back in town this week on Monday so back to attending figure drawing. I really miss it when I am not able to go. Pretty happy with how it went this week. Felt that the last pose was overworked, was happier with it earlier on in the session, but this is part of the learning process. The grey from last time was too light, and the conte this week added too much color. Probably a darker grey would be better, but I haven’t located one yet.

Just have to keep practicing.

gesture drawing   gesture drawing   figure drawing female   figure drawing   figure drawing female   figure drawing seated female   figure drawing seated female back   figure drawing female  figure drawing female   figure drawing seated female

and some tattoos that haven’t gotten posted yet:

Added some background onto Stacey’s Vogue tattoo for her Grandma.Stacey

Michael’s daughter.

Michael's daughter

Some more work on Rachael’s back.

Feminine Back tattoo   Back tattoo

Filling in some of the spaces that we have left on Sarah’s sleeve.

Sarah sleeve tattoo

Jeremy got his business logo placed on his shoulder – MP Development

MP Development

KatieRose healed

healed color portrait tattoo   healed color portrait tattoo

Mara’s daughters appear on the scene to try and tempt Buddha from Enlightenment.These ladies will need another sit to finish the color.

Mara's Daughters tattoo

A new friend came from Connecticut for her first tattoo.

dragonfly tattoo on foot

Feed me Seymour!!!

Audrey 2 from little shop of horrors tattoo

Second sit on Blue Lotus tattoo on Deb’s shoulder.

Blue Lotus tattoo

Started re-working some of Bob’s “Back in the Day” tattoos.

Old tattoos getting reworked

Too swollen to get a good photo – but he is coming back to add the other Aerosmith instruments so I will see it healed.

Joe Perry Guitar tattoo

I think that catches us up. If I forgot anyone else I will post them next time.

~ by justteejay on June 26, 2012.

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