Googling Yourself – Part One of Two

Or actually the second story that I have about googling yourself, but the one that I am writing about first.

There was a client that I used to tattoo who also became a good friend in the process. He used to live in Buffalo and come to Rochester to get worked on. Situations change and he is now literally a world away with a beautiful family and a new life. He lives in an area where not everyone is really cool with him having tattoos, so I am not going to give his full name here (although it is given in the link which I am going to give… so if you are curious you can go find out).

His wife must have been googling him and stumbled across this:

Since it is closed to new comments I am going to answer what I can (albeit several years too late).

The artist’s name that did the woodcuts that Brian has tattooed on him is indeed Fritz Eichenberg. I’m not sure if the books and prints are with him or stored somewhere in Buffalo, but Brian has a nice collection of books with Fritz’s work in them.

I made the tattoos on Brian’s arm of the girls. They are the cover of Jane Eyre (by Fritz Eichenberg). As well as several other tattoos based on his work.

Here are the photos linked in the article:


and some others that I had on my computer:

Fritz Eichenberg tattoo   Fritz Eichenberg inspired tattoo   Jane Eyre tattoo on Brian   Fritz Eichenberg inspired tattoo   Jane Eyre tattoo based on Fritz Eichenberg   creepy guy with axe tattoo based on Fritz Eichenberg

and just for good measure a couple of tattoos that I made for him that are not inpsired by Fritz.

Traditional Birds on feet tattoo   Pin-up with wind up alligator tattoo

I looked around but couldn’t find any others. Mostly they were actual print photos and I’m not sure where they wound up. Several of them were also based on Fritz’s work.

You just never know where google is going to lead you.

~ by justteejay on June 23, 2012.

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