Oops – Figure Drawing (twice) and some other stuff

Apparently I neglected to post my figure drawings from last week. So here are both weeks worth:

figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   helper cat   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing female    figure drawing female

Some tattooing from this past week:

Pin Up with antique gas pump Tattoo

This photo of the lion is extra cool to me because it came off of the camera looking like a black and grey photograph. I did darken the shadows on the one edge, but I did not do any color correcting to the photo at all.

Realistic Lion tattoo

Mary’s tattoo was designed in part for her by her daughter – so this is Monica’s drawing that the tattoo was based off of:

Renewal Tattoo line art by Monica Soward   and the tattoo on Mary’s leg (the moon and stars was an existing tattoo and was done else where): Renewal Art Nouveau inspired tattoo Mary is a super nice lady and I always enjoy our visits – this trip Mary was nice enough to bring me a basket of gluten-free treaties. It was enjoyed by the whole family! Thanks Mary.

gluten-free gift basket

Monday was paint class – I wasn’t feeling great for some reason, but did manage to make some progress on a couple of the paintings.

   skull and bird painting in progress   ribs and birds painting in progress   ribs and birds painting in progress   ribs and birds painting in progress

I also started another painting at home this weekend. Going to use a really limited palette on this one:

voodoo doll line drawing   voodoo doll painting in progress

I think that’s it for now. Thank you to everyone who inquired about the artwork that I have for sale and those of you who reposted it for me. Much appreciated. Hopefully be back here soon with more creations to show you.

~ by justteejay on May 22, 2012.

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