Art Work for Sale

Had a facebook conversation the other day and apparently people don’t realize that I sell my paintings and artwork. I do. Not only that, but my husband would be incredibly grateful if I got some more of them out of the house.

Let me know if there is something here that you are interested in and we can work something out.

Water Babies Oil Painting

Water Babies 2011
Framed Water Soluble Oil on Canvas

Dog PaintingDog Painting

grrrr 2011
WaterSoluble Oils on stretched canvas

Cage Free Dancin Goat   Cage Free Dancin Goat

Cage Free Dancin Goat 2011
Framed Oil on Canvas

DeerHide wall hangingdeer hide wall hanging

untitled Deer Hide Leather burning
* SOLD *

Cherub painting

Framed Water Soluble Oils on Canvas

Angry Eye

Angry Eye

Water Soluble Oils on Canvas 2008


Fear of The Dark

Fear of the Dark

Framed Water Soluble Oils on Canvas


Figure Painting

Figure Painting
Oil on Canvas 2012
Free to good home (or you could buy me a cup of Chai Tea)

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster
Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Painting Hand

Painting Hand (yeah, my hand)
Oil on Canvas

Painted Head

Head Study – this was done in class and there were places in the process where my instructor painted into it to demonstrate something to me. As such I don’t really consider it fully mine and did not sign it. If you would like it, I would give it to you.

Baby in a Jar

Baby in a Jar
Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Raven Brings the Sun

Raven Brings the Sun
This Painting hung in my Grandma’s Room when she was in Saint Ann’s. Too much sentiment attached to sell it, but if you are interested in adopting it, let me know. I can’t let this one go to someone that I don’t know.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Pencil drawing framed and matted


Afflicted (or Self Inflicted)
Oil on Canvas Framed 2011


Water Soluble Oils on Canvas Framed
There are days when I love this painting and days when I want to take it off of the wall and repaint it. So the amount that I would like for it varies widely. Make me offer – depending on the day I may take whatever you offer for it.

Pink Elephant

Elephant? What Elephant?
Oil on Canvas Framed
* SOLD *

The color representation on these isn’t terribly accurate; so if you would like to see any of these pieces in person to find out what they actually look like, just let me know.

Also if there are other pieces that I have done that you are interested in, let me know. Right now I am still mostly painting for fun, so I am not making commission paintings at this time.

Prices do not include shipping.

~ by justteejay on May 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Art Work for Sale”

  1. I love them all but with so much talent we are out of wall space!

  2. Beautiful paintings I especially like water babies great colors ! 🙂

  3. Hey TJ, I am interested in the pink elephant. I think it was on the wall while you were tattooing me.
    Adam Tellier

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