More Marked Bills

Older posts explaining this better are at:

Stamps and Marks on Money

More Chops (Stamps and Marks on Currency)

This is probably the most marked bill that I have come across to date:

Very well marked $100 bill

and some others that I have come across recently:

red stamp on hundred   round mark on hundred   MY stamp on hundred dollar bill   blue W.U. stamp on hundred dollar bill   multiple stamps on $100   blue stamp on $100   CRMI? ORMI? GRMI?   horse stamp on $100   small cross stamp on currency   S.10. stamp on bill   multiple stamps on $100 bill   stamps on hundred   CN mark on hundred dollar bill

and an extra big thank you to the clients who are now collecting these to pay me with. It is completely awesome to me that I have people in my life who humor my quirks!


Sent to me via email from Abilene Texas. Thank you!

blue dolphin stamp on $100

Another that was emailled. I’m not sure where it came from geographically speaking.

airplane stamp on $100 bill 

another one that was emailed and made me laugh when I saw it.


Some others that were in a file on my computer. No idea at this point if I found them or someone sent them to me.

DSC02290 DSC02291 DSC02292 DSC02294 DSC02295 DSC02296DSC02297 DSC02298 DSC02299 IMG_5612


~ by justteejay on April 30, 2012.

9 Responses to “More Marked Bills”

  1. I hav a $100.00 bill w/a airplane n the corner on the back side . What does this mean? Is the value more?

  2. I just noticed a stamp of initials on the back of a hundred dollar bill! I don’t understand what it means. If you could help please email me. I have pictures.

    • Hi Ev. I actually have no idea what the stamps and marks mean. I post them here and have asked for input from people. If you figure it out for sure, let me know 🙂

  3. I have a 2013 $20 bill with a green symbol stamped on it , I’m just curious about what does it me or is it an error 🤔

  4. I have a $20.00 Andrew Jackson 2017 series w/a red round ink stamped seal with numbers on the stamp around Andrew Jackson’s photo It penetrated to the reverse of the currency. I have researched this online, and to no avail have found nothing. Stumpted. I have this on eBay 4 sale with having no idea what it’s worth. Any answers on this ink stamp would be appreciated.

  5. I have a $20 bill with the palm tree on the bottom of it on the heads up side is it worth anything but besides $20

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