Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone Again (or still)

Things in my life have changed  pretty drastically over the last couple of months. When I have some more time and am better able to articulate it I will fill you in.

In the meantime here is my weekly update.

Some tattoos from this past week:

Yggdrasil tattoo

Black Fancy Tail fish tattoo   Mason Compass & Square tattoo

Monday morning was back to painting class and working on this series. The photos were taken with an iPod, so they aren’t that great – but show the stages that I am at.


Had a break during the day and then back to the studio for figure drawing class Monday night. I was feeling pretty “off” on my figure drawing – but persevered anyhow. It’s good practice even when the results are less than I would have hoped for.

figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female

The last two hours of figure drawing was the fourth and final sit for this model. Since I was in Alfred last week – this was my opportunity to try and finish up my painting.
This was a huge step for me. I am used to making tattoo portraits from photographs – so the whole process of drawing from life can be frustrating – Then to take that further painting the figure instead was challenging. Now that I have done one, I don’t know if I would paint the entire figure again – I would probably zoom in closer on the face or something.
It was a great learning experience for me anyhow and I am very glad that I did it.

Last night I also took some photos of what some of the other people in the group where doing:

watercolor life sketch   oil painting life sketches   Steve Carpenter painting   oil life painting

and mine:

oil painting from life   oil painting from life   Finished and photographed at home (this time I think the color is better on the iPod pictures): oil painting figure from life   detail

This week my friend who doesn’t like to be named on the internet sent me some roses – which made for good reference photos. peach rose   red rose   yellow rose   red rose

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