… and there is painting again (and figure drawing as usual)

Headed back to Art Class with Steve Carpenter (at the Steve Carpenter Gallery). Had no idea what to bring with me to work on – so I grabbed some reference that I have had floating around of some mug shots from the 20s.

some in progress shots during class. I’m trying something new with the photos – so we will see how that works out.

                      and the same level of progress off of the camera instead – In progress Oil Painting

The usual round of figure drawing sketches..

      figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female Helper Cat again. figure drawing helper cat   figure drawing female   The last one I decided to draw in blue, which while it looks kind of nice in person definitely does not photograph well.  figure drawing female

And then my first attempt at painting a figure from life. I took the sketch that I made last week and transferred it to canvas and painted in class. Not really please with the colors again. I am definitely having a hard time translating skin tones from skin to canvas. I am used to all of the warm tones being there (on the skin) and having to primarily focus on tonal range. Mixing colors is going to be a challenge for me if I am going to try to render things realistically.

So I have mixed feelings about the success of this so far – I am still please with myself for trying it as this is WAY outside of my comfort zone.

figure painting from life in progress

Hopefully I can make the corrections that I would like next time I am there. I am going to have to miss next week as I am going to be presenting at Alfred and won’t be able to attend class.

~ by justteejay on April 3, 2012.

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