Some of this and Some of that

Usual Tuesday update stuff. Some tattoos and figure drawing class. This time I am going to brag about the kid as well.

Paul and I have some pretty amazing children. This is some of Jessie’s artwork. The portrait of me was Jessie’s first attempt at life drawing. She knows that I have been going to figure drawing class, so the one day that we were both hanging out in the studio she drew me. I don’t remember how long ago it was – but she just brought a bunch of artwork home from school the other day and I grabbed these pictures. She is fearless in her art and I think that is way too cool!

   watercolor painting of woods by Jessica Dill   Fabric painting by Jessica Dill

Erin came in Saturday and I made this really fun tattoo for her. It’s so happy and Spring like that it makes me smile. I told her that it looks like a greeting card. I wasn’t sure how she took that – but I meant it as a compliment.

chickadee and dogwood tattoo

Jim stopped in Saturday so that I could take some healed photos of his back. I don’t know if he reads this – but if he does…. Jim I’m sorry that I rushed out, but I was on my way to my first Sabres Hockey game and I was pretty excited. (Didn’t want to miss my ride!)

Full Back tattoo   Jim's Back tattoo   black and grey back tattoo

Katie got this tattoo based on a photograph of a moth that she took when she was in China. There is writing next to the moth that is her Grandfather’s handwriting of “I love you” in Chinese. I didn’t get a good photo of that part though.

moth tattoo

and then today we worked a little bit more on Natalie’s Mucha-ish tattoo. Next we will be adding some more peacock feathers at the top.

Mucha inspired tattoo

Figure drawing class went really well last night – even though I arrived late. I made two drawings that I was not only happy with, but that kind of sort of looked like the people I was drawing. The last one is of the model who will be sitting for the whole month so I intend to try and paint her from life. This should be an adventure and I will keep you updated on how it is going.

figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female   figure drawing female

figure drawing female

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  1. Awesome work, thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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