Couple of Great Starts

This week I started two tattoos that I am super excited about.

Wednesday I started this for Dina. There is much more coming on this one. Thanks Dina!

Rainbow Goblins

And Friday this was the first session on Stu’s Phoenix. The tail on this will stand out much better when I can put the darks in. Thanks Stu!

Phoenix tattoo first session

Stu is a super busy sort of guy. You can follow him on Twitter at either @TheSimpleTwist or @FLX5and10
and check out his new 5K Trail Race (with obstacles) at

and just because I am excited about the weather – here is a shot of the tree in my front yard.

~ by justteejay on March 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Couple of Great Starts”

  1. Always so very fascinating here…

  2. re: Dina’s piece – is that the one you were telling me about Friday last? Looks very cool so far.

  3. The Rainbow Goblin tattoos are amazing!!

    • Thank you. I was not familiar with the Rainbow Goblins before Dina brought that book in for her consult – I have since found out that they are a fond memory for many people.

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