Making Pictures and Stuff

The weather here has been absolutely incredible for March. I have never ever seen or heard of a Spring this warm this early here. Rumor is that we are going to break another record today.

We have had fog almost every morning and it burns off to a beautiful warm day like I hear they have frequently in other parts of the Country.

The Bay on the way in to work the other morning:

Fog on Irondequoit Bay

There have been a whole lot of old friends by the shop lately. This week Kim was here for a bit to add onto a tattoo that I made for her about 12 or 13 years ago. There is more to come – looking forward to visiting and continuing to catch up. tattoo of morning glories and dragonfly I have taken a lot of flack on this tattoo since I posted it on my Twitter feed the day that I made it. So a bit of a back story. I made this tattoo for Paul about 12 years ago. He assured me that I tried to talk him out of it at the time. He explained to me the extenuating circumstances of what he was going through and how much he had wanted to move somewhere warm. When I made the tattoo originally there was only the one palm tree and the text “New York Sucks” was written small where the lower peninsula is now. I had made it too small originally and it was now pretty hard to read. The new improvements should hold up much better and will be a great source of discussion when he finally reaches that sunny place of his dreams. New York Sucks tattoo   Eric came by and we did an all too short sitting on his Buddha tattoo. Now that Buddha is pretty much finished up the next step will to be start on Mara and his entourage on Eric’s arm. Eric is going to be so thrilled when he finds out how much easier it is to get your arms tattooed than your chest. Buddha tattoo   Buddha tattoo

John had started this Flash Gordon tattoo a while back and then we got distracted with a couple of other tattoo projects. He came back and wanted background added around and behind Flash and Dale. We will still need another sitting to add background around Ming that is on the underside of his arm. Once again I have to apologize for my horrible photography skills – this tattoo is stunning in person.

Flash Gordon tattoo   Flash Gordon tattoo   Flash Gordon tattoo   Brad stopped by so that I could take healed photos of his now fully repaired Cheetah. I was tattooing so Nadia was nice enough to take a couple photos for me. For the record – all of her photos were usable. Maybe she can give me some pointers. Healed Cheetah tattoo   Joe came in to have the space filled on his arm between his forearm tattoo and the portrait of his Grandparents. Took a bunch of photos – but none of them really turned out well. Here are the better ones:

Joe's Grandparents tattoo   Phoenix tattoo fill in   Phoenix tattoo fill in

Figure drawing class was Monday. I didn’t stay for the entire time so there aren’t as many drawings today.

figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male

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