Still Here

Got some wonderful surprises in the mail recently. Some of them I don’t have photos of yet, but this cute little guy came snugly wrapped in bubble wrap the other day: goat skull   goat skull   goat skull   goat skull


Still here. Still making stuff. Here is some of that stuff from this week:

This one is still in progress. Kokopelli tatttoo in progress   Was able to take some decent healed photos of Starr’s dead bird. dead bird tattoo   The Lovely Lady Justice (nice tattoo, horrible photography) Lady Justice tattoo   Worked on this painting for about a half and hour the other morning. I might eventually get it to a place where I like it. Right now I am not at all happy with the character. GreenLady painting in progress   Worked on Sarah’s woodland nymph a little bit more woodland nymph tattoo Today I am working on some odds and ends around the shop since my appointment cancelled last minute. Was able to put the sign panels in. WooHoo!!! This project has been far too long in the making, but they did come out beautifully. White Tiger Tattoo Webster   White Tiger Tattoo Webster sign

Going to go make some more stuff. Catch you soon.

~ by justteejay on March 10, 2012.

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