Back From the Carolinas

I decided not to bore you with all of the trip photos. Some family pictures and way too many pictures of their cats.

So here is a mini Progression of a design.

Here is the image that Walter brought me to have done for his 18th birthday. A friend of his drew it and I forgot to get his name. If I find out what it is I will give him credit here. Reaper design for tattoo Made some modifications to make it easier to tattoo and to fit the calf a bit better. Here is the cat once again helping me with my drawing. Cat helping with drawing   cat helping with drawing   The drawing finished. Reaper design for tattoo  On Walter’s leg. Reaper tattoo with Lantern   Worked on Jim’s back a bit more. It seems like it might be finished… but after so long of putting a little bit more here and there it doesn’t seem possible. He has talked about working on the arms next – but I just can’t shake the feeling that there will be more to come on this as well. Jim's Back tattoo   Finished reworking the piece on Brad’s leg that was damaged by severe burns. Last session’s photos are here Cheetah tattoo   This one is also a second session. Still pretty worried about this little green guy and rather he is going to try to head in there or not. Stay strong little green guy. Those girls aren’t very nice. Green guy tattooGreen Guy Tattoo Of course I once again apologize for the horrible photography. The little green guy was based on artwork off of a Savoy Brown album. I do not know the artists name.
Over the weekend I had some time to paint but wasn’t feeling very inspired. I decided that instead of working on something new I would work on some stalled paintings and bring them to a point where I might be willing to work on them again. It worked. Both of these are “better” but not at all finished. oil painting in progress   oil painting work in progress   oil painting work in progress   GreenWoman painting in progress   GreenWoman painting in progress   Green Woman painting in progress   GreenWoman painting in progress   A sneak peak of an upcoming tattoo for this week. Client hasn’t even seen this yet. Pretty excited. Will be black and grey. She’s going to be awesome! Justice tattoo design   Monday I was able to return to figure drawing class. I know I only missed two weeks but it seemed like forever (okay, not forever,  but too long anyhow). I’m still experimenting with drawing media and so these are done in a variety of pencil, charcoal and sepia.  figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing   figure drawing male back   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   figure drawing male   Today I worked at the doctor’s office. They have asked me to hand in attendance sheets. Just a note to remind them what days I was there. Decided to decorate them from now on. This is the one from today done in between patients. quick mermaid drawing   On the way back to the shop a car went by who’s bumper said “I park like a douche bag.” Somehow I don’t think he knows that sticker is on his car (you can’t read it in the photo… don’t tell anyone I was driving and taking photos!) I park like a douche bag   Besides the Justice piece there are several fun projects coming around so hopefully there will be more photos coming soon.

Till then have a great week or so : )




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