Saturday, Sunday and Monday (or Too Many Pictures)

Saturday I started reconstructing a tattoo for a client who was injured in a fire. We made the tattoo originally many years ago and on Saturday we started to put it back together. We will need one more sitting to finish it entirely.

tattoo reconstructed after burns

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. It is one of my favorite days to be out and about because there are so many less people. I started out on a walk around the neighborhood and eventually wound up at the zoo. Here is where the too many pictures part comes in.

bark bark Fat Tree tree growing over sidewalk fun house bench detail 2 snow leopard  snow leopard fur snow leopard tail snow leopard fur eagle eagles eagle eagle eagle eagle water reflection eagles river otter tortoise  fish bones otter skull river otter   house sparrow red tailed hawk tiger tiger wolf For Holly:  penguin penguins seals seal seal seals seal wolf river otter rhino rhino hide I think that I took a photo that looked just like this last time we went to the zoo. rhino eye  A very sad looking bird.  pink feathers bird feet feathers bird feet a pheasant maybe? squirrel This little guy kept chattering away until I took his photo – then he sat perfectly still and posed for me. squirrel squirrel Gnome Sweet Home  Gnome Sweet Home tree knot I’m thinking these stones were glued or somehow affixed to the tree roots.I didn’t pull on them – but they looked attached.  stones  shed feather shed feather shed feather

And of course then on Monday we have the figure drawing stuff. This week we had a model who had never posed before so there was much confusion. One of the other students let me borrow a Derwent charcoal pencil for one of the poses and I liked it. I’ll have to see if I can find them. (Gretchen if you are out there today – you might like them also. Much better control and if you sharpen it to a chisel point you can get some neat effects)

and of course one of the cats had to help me photograph – which has no bearing on so many of these photos being out of focus. That was all me.

figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing plus cat figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing helper cat

Steve Carpenter is having a big studio drawing/painting day on Saturday the 25th. I thought it would be on their website – but doesn’t appear to be. If you are interested you could always call them. It’s a potluck thing with people working in all sorts of media – I think they will have two different models and it sounds like a lot of fun (if you don’t work on Saturdays).

It does look like they will have the painting class on Mondays again next semester though, so I will definitely be signing up for that again. I had a lot of fun and learned a ton!

—– update —–

Steve Carpenter Studio sent me a flyer via email :

Steve Carpenter Studio Mid Winter Drawing Slam

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