Tattoo friends, tattooing a friend, some Roses and one Healed Dad

Took a bunch of photos today –

I had an appointment to tattoo my friend Jewel today. Old friend. All the way to back in the day friend. Since I was tattooing Jewel today, Doc decided to stop in. He says that all three of haven’t just hung out in the same room for 20 years. I really hope that isn’t true.
We may however not have ever had a photo taken of all three of us together. Did you follow that?

So today photos were taken.

TeeJay, Jewel & Doc   TeeJay, Jewel & Doc   TeeJay, Doc & Jewel   TeeJay, Doc & Jewel  For anyone playing the home game…. Doc was the original owner of White Tiger Tattoo and Jewel was also here before me. We have known each other longer than that.

The rest becomes a lot of “Back in the Day” stories.

Here is what I tattooed on Jewel today. As we all know, I don’t take very good photos. So here are shots from two different light sources. Between the two of them, you can pretty much make out the tattoo.

Witchy tattoo   dagger,pentacle,feather,pentagram tattoo

While I was tattooing Jewel I received a delivery of flowers from a friend who doesn’t like to be mentioned by name on the internet. Thank you my traveling friend. They are beautiful.

white rose   yellow rose   red rose white rose   yellow rose of Texas   red rose   perfect single red rose   red rose white rose

and last but definitely not least…. Jim stopped in today so that I could get a healed photo of the tattoo I made for him of his Dad. The original pictures are here. The tattoo (of course) looks better in person than any of the photos that I managed to get – but this one is definitely much better than the fresh photos were. Thanks Jim!

John Denaro tattoo   John Denaro tattoo

~ by justteejay on January 31, 2012.

One Response to “Tattoo friends, tattooing a friend, some Roses and one Healed Dad”

  1. TeeJay,
    In search for a talented and passionate tattoo artist, I needed to be sure I found one that could capture my dads features and personality, and I have. I want to thank you and let you know how happy I am with my tattoo. Everyday that goes by I am more pleased with my choices. You made it very easy for me to get my first tattoo. My sister and I also enjoyed our conversations and your company and will be back for my 2nd tattoo soon. Thanks again, Jim

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