Another Week in Review

make  tatttoos

make pictures

do stuff

try to get some rest


Thats about what goes on in most of my days – so there fore most of my weeks. So this weekly update looks a heck of a lot like some of the others. I guess I need to start writing down some more of the back in the days stories…

but not today. Today you get the usual stuff again. The blog is called Just TeeJay’s Blog and this is pretty much all that goes on in it : )

I did some work on Sara (the Counter Goddess from Webster) and we asked Mariah to take some photos while we were working. So for a nice change for me I have some photos of my working on a tattoo. (Would one of you grammar folks let me know which would be correct… “photos of me working on a tattoo”? Photos of myself working on a tattoo”? You know how bad I am at that sort of thing) gypsy couple outline in progress   sara gypsy couple tattoo in progress   TeeJay tattooing Sara   TeeJay tattooing Sara   TeeJay tattooing Sara   TeeJay tattooing Sara      Sara's Gypsy Couple in progress   Obviously there is more to go on this one.

I did a bit of work on Natalie’s Much inspired piece. The peacock feather was existing and we reworked that first (some time ago) and have been adding around it. mucha inspired tattoo   This is the first session on Eric’s Buddha tattoo. There will be more to come on the chest area and then more continuing on to the arm as well. Buddha tattoo The same day that I worked on Eric’s Buddha, I also finished up a winged heart on Ted. Unfortunately those photos are so horribly over exposed that there isn’t any point in posting them here. Today I finished (?) up a piece that goes across Sandy’s shoulders. The initial piece was done more than a year ago although we just started expanding on it more recently. Sandy's shoulder tattoo   feminine shoulder swirl tattoo   feminine floral tattoo design  Sandy fell in love with one of my paintings while she was getting tattooed and adopted her. So “She has Seen” has gone off to live with Sandy. Sandy with She Has Seen painting Sandy also adopted the painting of the bird in my hand, but I neglected to take a photo of them together.

Tonight I was also given the opportunity to add a bit more onto Renee’s back. circumstances being what they have been, we haven’t gotten together in a little while. It was great to see both Renee and Casey tonight and I am very much looking forward to making some serious progress on this tattoo. cherry blossom wing tattoo

That’s all I got for you tonight. Perhaps I will be hugely inspired this weekend and have something amazingly different to show you next time… but probably not on accounta this is what I do and I really really like it!


~ by justteejay on January 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Another Week in Review”

  1. What you do every day, my beautiful friend, is make amazing art that touches people and changes their lives. You create. You help heal. You laugh. YOU touch people and change their lives and make the world a better place. TeeJay = happiness. Much love ❤

  2. TeeJay, you are truly gifted! I love our “sessions” where we talk out the ills of so much (good thing we don’t set any standards!) and express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. And then I get to leave with wonderful works of art permanently mine! ‘Tis a plesaure to count you friend!
    Sandy (and grammie)

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