New Year – New Painting and same ol’ Figure Drawing Class

Well except for the lights. Thats new. Steve had some modifications done to the lights in the studio and it is a HUGE improvement. It is so much easier to see the shadows and form now. It kind of felt like cheating.

Of course to counter the excitement of the new lights – there was a brand new huffer sitting next to me last night. Huffers are those students who feel the need to make audible sighs, harumphs, moans and huffs when either their drawing or the model’s behavior displeases them. I try to avoid sitting next to the huffers whenever possible.

I will look out for her in the future.

figure drawingcat helping photographfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawing

I don’t really celebrate New Years Eve. Being a non-drinker it seems like kind of a non-holiday (and when I was a drinker, I considered it amateur night). But on New Years Day I make a point of trying to do something that I would like to continue doing for the year. This year (as several of the last) it has been working on art. This year it was painting.

At Christmas time my daughter had mentioned this canvas. I had considered it abandoned and had no intention of finishing it. She didn’t know that and had commented on how it was one of her favorites and she was looking forward to seeing it finished.

I won’t sign a painting until I know that I am finished with it – so I painted the rest of this on New Years Day, but waited until the next morning to double check everything and sign it.

As we have well established, I am no photographer. These two photos were the best that I could get – and obviously they are radically different than each other. Between the two of them, hopefully you can get a general idea of what the painting looks like.

I left it in her room for her to find when she comes home again.

Hope you were able to do something wonderful through the Holidays. Best of everything to you.


~ by justteejay on January 3, 2012.

One Response to “New Year – New Painting and same ol’ Figure Drawing Class”

  1. I am glad your daughter requested to see this canvas complete. The face, as I see it reflects a cherub Mona Lisa. Soft and strong, she gives me an opening to her eyes and I cannot imagine what she sees. I believe her eyes to have innocence that translates in her depth. I love finding windows of light in the work of great artist’s creations. Thank you for sharing this.

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