Imagine that – Some tattoos even!

I know that for a tattoo artist I don’t spend that much time posting photos of my actual tattoos.

So just to switch things up a bit, here are some…

Saturday my friend Joellien was in town. She tells me that she and the girls at work check my blog regularly….. so an attempt at a big ol’ Southern Howdy Y’all! to Joellien and her besties. Love you and it was great seeing you. While she was here Joellien had some clown fish added to her leg. This was a special treat for me as the last two aquatic creatures that Joellien has requested have been so rare that there is only one picture of each of them to work from. Clown fish are easy to find.
clown fish tattoo

When I posted this on Twitter I labeled it “Clown Fish and Their House” (because I couldn’t remember how to spell anemone) and Joey wrote back that he was expected to see 20 of them with red noses climbing out of their clown car. When I have more time I would really like to draw that.

On Monday Frank came in and we put the finishing touches on his Sugar Skull. Woo Hoo! Way to go Frank!
Frank had originally told me that he could only sit an hour or two to get tattooed – he did much better than that and can be really proud of how well he held still for me while I was tattooing his ribs.

When this is finished healing I want to try to get some really nice photographs although I might have to enlist someones help for that.

Sugar Skull tattoo

Sugar Skull tattooSugar Skull tattoo

Joe had me tattoo portraits of his Grandparents on him a while back and this is what they looked like when he came in this morning…

Grandparents tattooGrandparent tattoo

and this is what they looked like after a VERY full day in the chair

Grandparents tattooGrandmother tattoo

and although I didn’t make the tattoo this week… Jessica stopped in to allow me to photograph her tattoo healed up (and she brought me gluten free cookie treats!!!)

tree tattoo

I am thinking that she is going to be adding on to this very soon. It is her first large tattoo and she is looking for more (Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us!)

Yesterday I was able to make the pocket watch tattoo that I was excited about earlier (drawing is in a previous post) on yet another Frank. He sat amazingly as well and we were able to finish the entire piece in one sit.

pocket watch tattoo

and no matter what you happen to be celebrating this week (or not celebrating) I hope that you are happy and with those you love.
May the Blue Moose be with you all : )

~ by justteejay on December 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “Imagine that – Some tattoos even!”

  1. impressive as usual.

  2. As always your work is amazing!!!!!
    Love you and happy holidays!


  3. Wow you are a really talented artist!! Amazing work!

  4. I get inquiries from people asking me send them the line art for the pocket watch tattoo. If you are here with that in mind, please see this first

    thank you

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