Art Opening at the Owl House

So I didn’t make it to figure drawing class last night…. but I have a really good excuse. I had my first ever Art Opening at the Owl House here in Rochester.

Fortunately for me and my fears of public and social functions I hadn’t realized until really late in the game that there was even going to be an opening when Sara and Josh asked me if I wanted to hang some stuff with them.

I had 9 pieces originally that I wanted to use and then at what I thought was the last minute added a couple more “just in case”. When I got to the Owl House on Monday with my paintings and my tags – I realized there was way more room than I thought upstairs (of course it never occurred to me to go and look ahead of time). I had been in the Owl House many times, just never upstairs. I had heard that it was “really small” upstairs and so I figured that it was smaller than downstairs.

So began a flurry of running around to the house and the shops to grab some extra paintings and then home to make additional tags. While Sara nicely and calmly hung her and Josh’s pieces. It worked out quite well as I didn’t really have the time to fully panic.

Despite myself I actually had a great time. So many wonderful friends showed up to wish us well! Sara visited downstairs and I was able to spend most of the time safely lurking upstairs. (Josh is in Seattle).


The night before the show Miss Teigan most graciously cut my hair for me. Here is the cat curious about what the heck is going on..

Cat with Hair

lots of hair (and a cat) Teigan also assisted me in making the tags with my name and contact info for each piece.

Here are the photos that I tried to take during the day of the pieces hung… the last minute ones have no tags…

elephant painting bird in hand paintingFear of the Darkrabbit painting and seal paintingeye painting and cherub paintingmandrakeinflicted paintingthree paintingsFrankenstein MonstersWater BabiesTree of LifeTree of LifeHorse painting and Jessica paintingDark Chid

And the photos that were taken Monday night (with Paul’s assistance)….

mandrake paintingBonnie, TeeJay & AmyMichelleSarah and EricSara and Eric

by Josh

sorry about the flash


I think after that I got too distracted to take any more pictures – so my apologies to anyone who would like to be in these photos and isn’t.

There are too many people that I would like to thank to list here – I will try to tell you all when I see you in person. I am humbled and honored by the wonderful people in my life.

thank you all!

~ by justteejay on December 13, 2011.

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  1. That’s some cool funky artwork!!

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