Those who can’t….

They say something else about those who can’t… Today I am going to say instead “Those who can’t, have friends who can”.

Anyone who has been around for any time knows for sure that I am NOT a photographer. Yes, I take pictures. I take a lot of pictures. Once in a while one of them actually shows what I was trying to. It’s more of a numbers game for me than anything else. Take enough pictures and you might get a usable one.

But. (There’s always a but) I have friends who are actually GOOD at it… and a couple who are amazing.

One of these is a great guy named Mike Zappia. He has a passion for photography (still. even though he does it for a living) and it shows in the work that he does. He had stopped by the shop a while back and taken this photo of me hard at work.

Mike Zappia photo

Recently Mike stopped by the shop in Webster while a friend of his was getting his first tattoo and took some more photos. He gave me a disk with some of the photos on it and told me that it was okay to “put them on facebook” or whatever.

They are so cool that I wanted to show them off better than that and decided to put them here. Hopefully Mike and Alex (the guy in the photos) are okay with that. If not this post will mysteriously disappear.

If you like what you see here you can check out Mike’s work here ZappiaPhoto – you could even hire him to take photos of your tattoo session and/or your healed tattoos on your person : ) He does weddings and school pictures and that sort of thing as well (All of which you can see on the website).

My apologies in advance to Mike for the watermark. I felt that he needed to get credit and added the watermark myself – so it might not meet with his aesthetic standards.

Zappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photographyZappia photography

Zappia photography

Thanks Mike and Alex. I had much fun. And Mike, just please don’t publish too many of those “back in the day” photos of me. I really don’t like when people ask me… “Wow! How long ago was that picture taken?!?”.

~ by justteejay on December 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “Those who can’t….”

  1. LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH! As a former apprentice I can really appreciate what you caught in these moments. Good color splashing to!

  2. I have say the same thing about TeeJay “Those who can’t, have friends that can”. I’ve tried over and over to give myself a good tattoo, it just never looks good, never looks professional. I’ve even tried on other people – same problem.
    One time I remember opening the Cracker Jack box and finding the tiger tattoo instead, I licked my arm over and over, I slobbed all over the place, I peeled it slowly and applied it, putting extreme preasure on it. Waited the 30 seconds, took it off & shit, my tiger was missing half his mother Fin’ stripes!!!
    Then a different time I opened the bazooka gum, took the pirate tattoo out, applied it & soaked a wash clothe in warm water, holding it over the tattoo for a minute, peeled it and damn, it was all smeared, except for his patch, it looked like a spider that was run over….
    Then on another try, I decided to give my buddy a tattoo, and this was serious business, my name was on the line, my reputation. It was a Superman tattoo, on his shoulder, I did everything correctly, peeled it back & freakin’A it was perfect! It had that vibrate red, that I love, and man I was proud. But not even 5 minutes later when he ran through the sprinkler, it started to peel, he wasn’t Superman anymore, he was only half the man I thought he was. He was crushed, I was mortified……….
    Recently I tried doing a doplhin tattoo on my wife’s ankle, with a Sharpie – it looks like a tadpole – I’m no Michaelangelo, I’m Michael Zappia. I’m done with that & now back to the camera & the eye!
    SERIOUSLY now folks, TJ (for short) has been a friend for almost 20 years – I met her way back when, before the WhiteTiger days. She gave me my first tattoo – an acoustic guitar with an eagle on it, on my right shoulder. I loved it & still do. “Little ditty about Mike and his tattoo…..”
    Being an “artist” myself, I can spot a true artist with true talent & spirit. She had it, and will always have it. Her works stands alone, and speaks volumes. Her personality is as extreme as her work – and that’s why ya gotta love her. If you’re trying to decide who should do your tattoo, do not look any further, stop the online searching & give your mouse a break – you found your (wo)man right here – TeeJay is the best, you will not regret your choice.
    Thank you TeeJay for posting my work & for your comments, appreciate it.
    Thank you Alex for letting me shoot your session that has so much meaning behind it – in dedication to a great man.

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