Finally figuring out the Camera…

So I spent some time this morning messing with all of the settings on my camera – and I am hoping that may lead to some slightly better photographs in the near future….

Yesterday was figure drawing class and we had an amazing model. She did some great poses for us! Steve wasn’t there and the lighting was a little bit weird – but it was fun and (as always) great practice.

gesture drawingsgesture drawinggesture drawingsfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawingfigure drawing

I went back and tried to get some better photos of the paintings that I posted yesterday. While these are better – it is still clear that I can tattoo and paint far better than I can photograph.

happy puppygoat paintingpainting of Jessicaseal paintingwater babies painting

Today I was able to work on Frank’s Sugar Skull again. Frank sat really well and we made some good progress… but unfortuantely didn’t make it all the way to finished. One more sit to go.
As always this is being done with Silverback Inks.

Thats it for today. Have some fun tattoos to work on this week so I hope to have some more photos for you soon.

~ by justteejay on November 29, 2011.

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