Manly Tattoos

Angry Eye tattooDragon, Tiger and Phoenix tattoosGTP tattootattoo eagle tearing out of skin with flagTree TattooKoi tattooHannya tattoo in progressHannya tattoo (detail) in progressHarley Tattoos - flag, flames and hawgDarth Vader tattooRed Dragon tattoobicycle chain tattoobicycle gears tattooMercury skeleton tattoozombie eagle tattootree for all seasons tattooBernie's full back tattooGates of Valhalla back tattooceltic dog chest tattooPirate Skull tattooblack widow spider tattooviolent viking tattoofighting dragons tattoofull back celtic tattooskull flames tattoozombie hammerhead shark tattoodead buffalo tattooceltic knot tattoo (around shamrock)

~ by justteejay on November 13, 2011.

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