Black and Grey tattoos

NYC Library Lion tattooEgyptian Mummy Cat Norse Gods tattoo sleeveOdin & Tyr Celtic tattooThor celtic tattooDorothy and the Flying Monkey tattooPirate Ship tattooCeltic Half Sleeve with dogs Seneca Lacrosse tattoocherubs around Mary tattooMother Mary tattooMadonna Whore tattoosKnight Dragon sleeve tattooclown skull tattoofender guitar tattoowoodcut tattooJesus tattooCeltic Raven tattoo

~ by justteejay on November 13, 2011.

One Response to “Black and Grey tattoos”

  1. Hi, i’m Phillip from brazil and i’m looking to make a celtic tattoo and i found the joshsleeve pic. I loved the tattoo, the design, everthing.. this is perfect and i want something like that… but i can’t copy without your permission. May you let me copy this design? and could you tell me all elements (animals) that have in the tattoo?

    Your work is wonderful.


    Phillip Scarpim
    São Paulo, Brasil.

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