Check it out – Making tattoos!

So I got all excited this week and thought that I was out of my own way and back to working full time again…. and then, alas I had to cancel my appointment for today.

Just unbelievable frustrated and disappointed (me, not the client… he was really nice about it). Anyhow here is some stuff that I made while I was actually working again.

Wednesday we worked on Frank’s skull for a little bit Sugar Skull tattoo in progress   Then Thursday I was blessed to spend the day with two really amazing ladies. When I set their drawings out in the morning I was surprised to see how similar they were in shape even though they are such completely different designs  The tree was first and in the interest of modesty I am only going to show you the top portion  Tree tattoo Next up was an addition to a piece that I made for Sandy a couple years back. There is more to come on this, so hopefully I will remember to post pictures when we work on it again scrollie tattoofiligree tattoomarriage tattoofeminine tattoo


Then on Friday I was able to make this first tattoo for a great young guy as a tribute to his Dad.  He sat amazingly well for his first tattoo and I am looking forward to seeing it healed up.

Then I had a really fun project to start today – which turned out to not be in the cards. Hope that you are having a much better weekend than I am. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as we have the November meeting of the AYU Art Group and I am looking forward to it.


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~ by justteejay on November 12, 2011.

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