Monday morning Painting Class

I spent most of the day yesterday taking a Blood Borne Pathogens class. While informative, terribly boring and way too long. So I was unable to spend anytime at all making stuff.

Fortunately there is Paint Class! Yeah!

So last week Steve had told me that he wanted to work with me on skin tones and asked me to leave the painting of the hand there so that he could have a look at it throughout the week. Here are all the paintings which are currently living at his studio:

Oil paintings by TeeJayIt occurred to me in the intervening week that it would be better to bring in the portrait painting that I started in Shawn Barber’s class and have him help me with that instead of a hand. So I brought in the self-portrait which I have not touched since the class.

TeeJay self portraitSteve came by and said that he would like to use it for a demonstration later in the class. I was fine with that and set myself to work on another semi-abandoned painting to see what I could do with it.

underwater kids paintingunderwaterkids underwater kids

At that point I was thinking this one might be just about finished. So I set it aside and got out the painting of the seal to work on. Steve came back around and started setting up for the demo and apparently I forgot to take a photo of the seal when I took it off the easel.

Here are some shots of Steve modifying the color and key in my self portrait. I can’t explain to you everything that is going on here (because then I would be able to teach the class). But I tried to grab a few in progress shots.

Because Steve painted right on this one, I won’t sign it…. but hopefully when it is finished I can send it to my mum and she will still be please to receive it (even if I didn’t paint ALL of it).

Steve Carpenter paintingportrait demoportrait demoportrait demoportrait demoportrait demoportrait demo At this point Steve wanted to leave the piece sit until next week and have me go back into it once this layer has dried.

So I spent the last little bit working on the seal painting. I don’t know how much more I want to do with this. I really like it loose… but it definitely needs some whiskers!

Seal Oil Painting

~ by justteejay on November 7, 2011.

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