More Painting

Last night I had some free time (hard to believe! but true). So of course after a run to the Farm Market for cider and donuts I settled down to push some paint around.

Out of the drawings that I had laid out on canvas last week, Steve seemed least impressed with the hand as an in class project – so I figured that was the one I should work on at home. Here are a couple stage photos of as far as I took it last night.

Painting of Handoil painting hand with paintbrushstage photo of hand painting

This morning for class I set up and planned on working on the goat until Steve came by to show me how to put a glaze on the head (and where to put it and what color he would suggest… and all that good stuff).

underpainting for goat

Steve showed up pretty quickly, explained what he was looking for in the glaze and where I should put it and a bit about how to mix it. Then left me to my own devices.

bust study oil painting after adding the glaze I worked on some other areas that we had discussed modifying. bust study oil painting Then rather than taking it too far unsupervised 🙂 like I did last week. I set it aside to go back and work on the goat until Steve came back by.

stage photo goat paintingstage photo goat painting Steve came back around and went into the painting of the head for me. (With my permission). I can’t really explain everything that he did – but I learned a lot watching him. Then I made some other minor revisions and we put it away to dry for the week.

bust study oil painting

I brought the other paintings back home (the hand, the seal and the goat) and worked on the goat for a little while longer this after noon.

stage photo goat painting.

Now I am back off to the studio for figure drawing class and I should be able to post those pictures in the morning.

I’m really starting to love Mondays!

~ by justteejay on October 17, 2011.

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