Some fun tattoos from today

I know I haven’t been posting very many of the photos of tattoos that I have been working on lately. Well actually I was under the weather there for a little bit and wasn’t working at all.

Then I made a few tattoos that couldn’t be photographed for either privacy reasons or because they weren’t finished.

Today I made a couple of fun tattoos for some lovely ladies who made the trip up from Elmira.

Brittany went first for her very first tattoo. She brought in one of the more unusual pieces of reference that I have ever worked off of. Here is her beloved buoy.

buoy for reference

and the tattoo that she sat great for!

buoy tattoo with barnacles and blue mussels

Korrine has had me make other tattoos for her in the past and this time she had a teeny tiny crane put on her wrist.

paper crane tattooWe had great fun it was a pleasure hanging out with the two of them. Just reinforces how incredibly lucky I am that I get to have this much fun at work. To think of it *I* am the adult supervision here. Pretty damn scary.

I was also able to take healed photos of the birds that I made for Korrine the last time she was in town. Trying to show Randy how great the Silverback heals up – but I really really stink at photography. Probably would have come out much better if I would have a more neutral wall in the shop to photograph against.

bird tattoodead traditional bird tattoodead traditional bird tattooskeleton traditional bird tattoosong sparrow tattoo with keyblack and grey traditional bird tattoosong sparrow tattoo


~ by justteejay on October 15, 2011.

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