Making Stuff on Monday AND Tuesday

Monday night I was able to return to figure drawing class. I had a fairly difficult time with proportions for most of the evening – and I am still doing battle with the charcoal, but I can see improvement already and am looking forward to continuing to work with it.

My friend who was supposed to come with me couldn’t make it – but Josh came back and a lovely portrait painter that I met named Barbara came and checked it out as well (and brought her sister). The class was well attended this week and even though the model had cancelled at the last minute – they were able to find a replacement before class started.

figure drawing in charcoal - plus catcharcoal figure drawings plus catcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawingcharcoal figure drawing

Tuesday was one of my administrative days and in addition to the normal bookwork and ordering and general maintenance stuff that I shoot to work on those days – I had some pretty unpleasant responsibilities that came up. There are some days where I really don’t like being an adult.
I got through the bulk of them and was talking with Sara about some paintings that she wanted to do with black light reactive paint (for a group show she is involved in). It came up that she did not have any acrylic medium with her at the shop so I offered to go and grab some from my house for her.
It didn’t take long to convince myself that I should paint with her for a “little while” which turned in to a good portion of the day distracting myself from being an overly responsible adult. It was just what I needed.
Here are some photos of what we were working on:

Sara Purr Painting

Start of my Carnivale Jar Baby

I hope to be able to finish mine up (or at least work on it more) on Sunday when we resume the AYU Art Group. I think that Sara was going to finish hers up at home.  If I get finished photos from her I will add them on here later.
If you would like to check out more of Sara’s work you can follow her blog here on wordpress or check her out on her section on the shop webpage:
Sara’s Blog
Sara Purr at White Tiger Tattoo 

For any of you who are concerned about the baby in the jar… it is from a scene in the show Carnivale and the baby opened it’s eyes during the show – so I think the baby in the jar is alive and well.


Sara’s finished painting

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