Monday Morning Painting Class – 2nd One

Went back to painting class today (first day is reviewed here). Steve had me add some more gradations in tone to the transferred sketch before spraying it with fixatif.

charcoal drawing transferred to canvas He then came by and blocked in the large basic blocks of color explaining what he was doing and why. brushing in base tones He also laid out a palette of colors that he would like me to start with for the base tones and let me borrow one of the glass palettes that they have there in the studio.

palatte  This is what Steve left me to start with.   Working with just the transparent colors that he had laid out for me and trying not to get too noodley I developed the shape more.  He had told me to establish the midtones and my darkest darks. I did have a hard time doing so without my beloved Dioxazine Purple. developing base colors and shape I felt kind of silly when I finally realized that I could lift the paint with a paper towel to lighten in the areas that I had put too much paint down. Better to figure these things out later rather than never I suppose. building up layers in oil painting Here is a shot of the set up today and also as far as I finished in this class. I had a lot of fun today moving paint around. I find that working with a limited palette is way more fun and made me focus more on the dark versus lights and the tones that I was seeing than the colors. oil paint set up


Steve has been very patient with me in explaining the basics that I had not picked up yet. I am having a lot of fun and am very relaxed in the class (which is unusual for me).

Back to figure drawing class tonight. A friend of mine asked to come along and I don’t think that she has ever been to any kind of art class, let alone a figure drawing one. I hope that she has as much fun as I have been having.

~ by justteejay on October 3, 2011.

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