Start of New Art Class

I have to admit that part of me feels like a traitor for not going back to Fred’s class this semester. I really like him and have learned a lot from him – but I feel that I need more instruction on the basics. I still feel like I am running blind when it comes to the materials and their use in oil paint.

This class is on Mondays and Fred’s class in on Tuesday nights – so I do not have to take time out of my regular work schedule to attend.

Today was the first class and I had my normal anxiety with trying anything new. It seems as though (much like Fred’s class) everyone else there has taken the class before and they all know each other. In typical new kid fashion I hid in the corner and tried to follow directions.

The course introduction said that we could work from a photograph or from one of the still life stations set up in the studio. I had opted to work from life since that is more difficult for me. It sounds like we will be doing several paintings during the duration of the program. I did not have every thing that is recommended since I did not receive a course material list ahead of time. Steve was nice enough to let me use what he had at the studio.

This was my first sketch from the still life reference. It was too big on the paper and I used the conte crayons.

conte sketch Steve recommended using the charcoal instead (which we all know how much I like). But since I am trying to learn – I gave it a try. He let me use the Coates Willow charcoal that he has at the studio and I liked it much better than any of the charcoals I tried in the past. charcoal sketch I suspected that this one was still too big – so I started another one.  Pat way in I realized the angle of the head was wrong… tried to erase it and correct it and decided that newsprint is really not the best surface for attempting that on. another charcoal sketch Happier with the proportions on the this one I started building up more details. Steve came by and helped point out some of the shadow definition – so this next one is some of both of us drawing. more finished charcoal drawing We tightened this one up a bit further and sprayed it with fixatif. fixed charcoal drawing The next step was to redraw the basic image on the back (with a light table) to prepare to transfer it to the canvas. reversed charcoal drawing This was taped in place on the canvas. charcoal drawing taped to canvas and then traced over with a pencil to transfer it to the canvas. transferred to canvas I am figuring the next step will be to fixatif that and start the painting – but that was as far as I made it today. A decent start for being “unprepared for class” as I was. (I did have all my painting stuff with me – just not all the drawing stuff that I needed).

There is no shortage of cool little stuff in the studio. These were kind of tempting, but not what I was looking for to start with today: cool old bottle cute teeny shoes Maybe they will show up in the next still life.

I have a little down time to do some big-people stuff and then back to class tonight for figure drawing.

~ by justteejay on September 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “Start of New Art Class”

  1. I wish we lived closer so I could tag along and get off my ass to do stuff like this again.. I will always remember the feeling of the first day of the last oil painting class I took , so nerve racking and it didnt help that I thought one of the students was the teacher when I got there ahaha.. Once again, you inspire me to get off my ass

  2. Holly, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to work on this drawing with you there. I picked this head because he does NOT look like your classic style bust. He has a freaky mustache and looks kind of like a bad 70s porn guy. I think that there would have been way too much giggling going on to get anything done.
    That being said, I would love to be able to take a class with you and/or just hang out.

  3. Pretty cool drawings… like like

  4. […] back to painting class today (first day is reviewed here). Steve had me add some more gradations in tone to the transferred sketch before spraying it with […]

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