Sugar Skulls, Dead Bird(s), Wolves and Roses

Some of the things that I have been up to this week.

Frank came in and had his first session on this one: Sugar SkullHe sat way better than he told me he was going to and we finished everything that I had planned to do that day. I think if I would have told him I was planning more he could have sat for longer. If he can sit this well on the next sessions we should be finished in 3 or 4 sits no problem.
You can see the stencil in these photos for where the full piece will sit when it is finished. Rose for Sugar Skull tattooStencil for Sugar Skull tattoo  I used the Silverback fresh in the roses and the Zombie in the leaves.

This week I had a second session on a good friend who told me I could post the photos if I left his name out. I have been making tattoos on him since around 1995. He drives a truck now so we don’t see each other that often – but I always look forward to his visits. This time he was in town for a little while so we actually had time for two sessions. Unfortunately we didn’t complete everything that we would have liked to. I am hoping that will mean he will have an excuse to head this way again sooner – but I may have to wait another year before I get to finish this one up. Wolf Vine with Roses and Mother tattootattoo with Wolves and RosesWolf Vine with Roses tattooWolf Vine with Roses tattooWolves Vines and Roses tattoo The piece on the front of his thigh was done by a wonderful artist who used to work in this area under the name “Bare”. I have lost touch with him over the years but he helped me out a great deal in my early years and I will never forget him. Wherever you are Bare – Thank you!

Every time my truck driving friend comes to get tattooed he brings me flowers. The joke is that he wants to butter me up so I don’t hurt him as much – this time I remembered to get some photos of them. Here are a few of them: RosesRosesRosesRoses

Sarah has also been coming to town to get tattoos from me for a very long time. I didn’t ask her when she was here – but I am thinking that I made some tattoos for her when we were still in the old shop so that would have had to be pre-1995. Yep, I’m feeling old today. This time (and several other times as well) Sarah has brought her daughter Korrine with her to get some work also.

Sarah went first this time and we put a sugar skull under her arm as another piece towards what will eventually be a full sleeve. Girly Sugar Skull tattooGirly Sugar Skull tattoo After Sarah, Korrine had these two sparrows put  on the back of her arms: Song Sparrow with skeleton key tattooSkeleton Sparrow with locket tattooSparrow tattoos on back of armThe live song sparrow was made with Silverback Fresh and this key was made with the Zombie. On the other side the theme was reversed and the bird was made with the Zombie and the locket was Made with the Fresh.

Korrine spent the time while her mom was getting tattooed making these wonderful bracelets out of recycled materials. I forgot to take close up photos of them this time, but you can kind of see some of the ones that she has on in the last photo. Joey and I will be rounding up more materials for her when she comes to town next.

Today I have the day off to attend a wedding – so no more tattoo photos from me until next week. Have a great weekend everyone!!!









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