The Coffee Tree

One of our shops has really high ceilings so I have some space for a little bit larger plant then most people do.

Last week I received this note from one of my friends:

Back in the late 1970’s, my grandmother went to Africa. She passed a coffee tree there, picked a couple beans, wrapped them in a paper towel, and put them in her coat pocket. After getting home, she forgot all about them and washed the jacket, and then, the next time she wore it, there was a stain on the pocket that looked like something had bled through. She remembered the coffee beans, reached in, and found they had sprouted. She planted them, and for the last 30 years there are two really awesome coffee trees that have grown to be about 6 ft tall, each one produces enough beans for about 1 cup of coffee, but it’s a damn cool plant to have.

She died earlier this summer, and we have finally sold the house (hopefully!!), and there is one tree still left on the back porch. No one in the family has a ceiling tall enough to accommodate the tree. It’s getting really cold at night and I’m afraid it’s gonna die if we don’t find someone to take it. When I was in Greece, I noticed you watering the plants, and the one tree that was huge, and hit me, you’d be perfect to adopt this tree.  🙂 Would you like to have it for one of the shops?  Paul would need to use the truck to pick it up, cause it’s damn big.
My husband agreed to help me pick up the coffee tree. There is no way that I could leave something like that out in the cold to die. We went Sunday to meet our friend and pick up the tree.
It was not in good shape.
After the drive to the shop it looked even worse.
When I came into the shop on Tuesday I had resolved that if it was going to live I was going to need to prune all of the REALLY dead stuff off and leave anything that looked like it might revive itself.
This is what it looked like before the trimming:
Coffee Tree
And this is what was left after I trimmed (as carefully as I could):
Pruned Coffee TreeSo if anyone has any helpful suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to see something with a history like this one has not make it.
If it  doesn’t there are a few sprouts at the base that might be able to make it. So hopefully one way or the other the story and the tree will live on.

~ by justteejay on September 21, 2011.

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