Frank’s “Sugar” Skull

I had posted the drawing that I had done for this tattoo a little while back. At the time that I had drawn it I had no tracing for his rib area and had done the design just on a good shape for the ribs. Turns out that the existing tattoo on the other rib panel is basically backwards to how I had drawn mine. So for grins and giggles (and to make some changes to other aspects of the drawing as well) I redrew Frank’s skull.

He is supposed to start this on Wednesday, but has warned me that he doesn’t want to sit for very long sessions… so I will post photos either when it is finished or enough of it is finished to tell what is going on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Sugar Skull

The gold tones are the lights in the room reflecting off of the graphite. Parts of this were done with black and grey colored pencils and some of it was done with “normal” graphite pencils.

~ by justteejay on September 19, 2011.

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