Some of this weekend’s projects

So in keeping with my belief that everything happens for a reason. One of my clients for last week had to cancel her appointment. Which worked out great for me because I have been having trouble decided exactly what direction I want to go with the drawing and this gives me more time to play with it.

Meghan sent me these two images as starting points specifically telling me not to feel limited by them: Diana Goddess of the HuntDiana Goddess of the Hunt I really loved both of these, but figured the more upright positioning in the blue one would work better for a calf. I also really really like the moon following the curve of the bow. With that in mind I worked this up: Diana tattoo design There are a lot of things that I really really like about this one (and a few things that still need some work) but decided that it just would not fit well at all on a calf. The bow would curve to the front of the shin and look terribly awkward. I also think that this is too much too small detail for a leg piece. Unless someone is down on the floor crawling around they are never going to be able to see everything that is going on and it will just look cluttered. Would work better on an arm or back. So to go a completely different direction I came up with this: Meghan's Diana tattoo designMy biggest concern with this one was that it didn’t read well enough as Diana. Also I am concerned again that the bow will curve too much to the front of the leg. So I posted it to an online forum that I am involved in and got some great feedback on things that I can change and add to it. Very excited and looking forward to finishing up the drawing and then getting to start the tattoo next month.

Monday I was able to make it back to figure drawing class. I am so glad that I have made a habit of this and have decided definitely that I am going to take the painting class there Monday mornings as well starting the end of September. I decided that the painting of Joe’s dog is as finished as I want to take it from the reference that I had. While I feel like it should have more depth to it in some places – overall I am pretty happy with it so I went ahead and signed it. Just waiting to dry and go to it’s new home.

Joe Capobianco's Dog

I’m working on a few cool projects so I should have more interesting stuff for y’all soon.



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