A tattoo, a bunch of flowers, some painting and figure drawing again!

Yeah, so it is getting kind of old to post pictures to facebook and google + and checkout my ink and all the other tattoo sites that I am involved in. So I very well may start just dropping everything here. That way people who are interested can see what I am up to all in one convenient (or not so convenient) location and I can spend more time making stuff and less time on the computer. (It’s a theory anyhow, going to give it a go and see how it works out).

On Saturday I worked a little bit more on Ashley’s arm. She is oodles of fun to hang out with and I hope that she keeps getting tattooed so that I have an excuse to visit with her.

Ashley's Grandma portrait tattooStill working on my painting skills. I think I am stuck on this fu bat painting. I think that all I managed to do to it this time was make it shinier… but I am still learning and playing with mediums and experimenting is still helpful.

Fu BatFu bat painting

I had one previous session on this dog painting that I had done a while back in Fred Lipp’s class. That session was done with the water soluble oils and I went back into it this weekend with the new oils.
This is before: Dog and this is after. While still not finished, I am much happier with it now: Dog PaintingSpent some time wandering around taking pictures in the garden. At one point while I was taking pictures of the canna lilies I was buzzed by a hummingbird who did not stick around long enough for me to photograph him. Maybe next time. Black Eyed SusanDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaDahliaCanna LilyCanna LilyCanna LilyWayward Canna Lily

Monday I was able to return to figure drawing class. While I definitely feel that some sessions are more productive than others (this one not being one of the better ones)…. overall I am getting more comfortable and most days I am able to commit the figure to paper quicker and more accurately than I used to be able to. I have to figure the regular practice will continue to improve my skills.
 Steve (the owner of the studio) made popcorn during class this week and we had much fun. I think that I am going to take one of the regular classes there for the Fall semester. They have one Monday mornings, so I wouldn’t have to take any more time out of the shop to attend. I had been planning on returning to Fred Lipp’s class on Tuesday nights… but it overlaps with my work hours and I don’t think I can take any time out of the shop right now. I’ll let you know how it works out.









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