Drama Free Weekend (Yeah!!!)

Okay so it wasn’t completely drama free. This was my big crisis for Monday:

Fortunately a few stabs with a not-so-sharp object freed my RedBull for proper consumption:

It was so nice to have this be the worst thing that happened all weekend. I am a happy camper!

Made it back to figure drawing class Monday.




I did find out that none of our cats will eat sushi. This one begs for and will eat granola, but won’t eat fish.  Again, not really a drama ridden incident. (Plus it tells you that we had SO much sushi that we couldn’t finish it….. and that’s just amazing all in itself)

Excellent weekend. My mom and my sister are in town visiting and my husband survived being the only guy in the house with five women for part of it (He might give you a different review of how great the weekend was though).

Jessie and I made Death by Chocolate cake for her birthday which is actually today (Happy Birthday Jessica!!!) and it was tasty.

Today I went back to work and got to make a fun first tattoo for Tim. This is his Dad and his Dad’s boat. We talked about putting a celtic cross on the back of the arm as well (and there is still space for it) but he wants to wear it like this for a bit and decide if he really wants to do anything else with it. He did great for a first tattoo!

This is the (probably) finished drawing that I was working on behind the RedBull. It is one of those “when you get around to it” drawings for a client who wanted me to draw him a Sugar Skull that I would enjoy tattooing. I think this might be it. Or I might modify it to fit the space better… but I like the concept.

So if you are paying attention Frank… here’s your Sugar Skull.

Sugar Skull Tattoo design

Hopefully I will be back next week (or sooner) with more drama-free reports. Hope that your day is going great as well!

~ by justteejay on August 23, 2011.

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