Dorothy is in Trouble!

Randy from Silverback Ink sent me a sample of his new XXX black. To try it out I found a willing participant (Hi Ray!) who wanted Dorothy with the flying monkeys. This gave me a piece to try a whole lot of levels of black and grey on and experiment with them.

Randy asked for fresh and healed photos…. and since I am HORRIBLE at pictures, Ray had to come back today to get some photos done again. I wasn’t here when Ray stopped by, which worked out great since Sara did a much better job with them than I would have.

So here are the photos…. so that Ray can brag, Randy can see them and anyone who is curious can as well. The photos are a little larger than I usually upload, so hopefully everything will work out okay.

I will post healed photos as well once we have them (maybe I should ask Sara to take those as well!)


For Randy or anyone else who is curious…

The majority of the tattoo was done with the XXX black and the regular 4 step Washes.

The trim on the Monkey’s outfit was done with the fresh.

The Monkey’s wings also include some of the 11 Black.






~ by justteejay on August 18, 2011.

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