This Past Weekend – Work and Beyond

So most normal folks start their weekends on Saturday. So I will start there.

Saturday I had an appointment to start a complex tattoo. It isn’t really very big – but because of the amount of things going on I knew that it needed to be a multiple session tattoo. There was just no way that it could be completely in one session even if the client sat well. On a number of occasions Alanna had expressed her desire to get it finished in one session. I repeatedly told her that this just was not possible.

Well, here I am. Eating my words and feeling like a real jerk for being so insistent that it could never happen.

Alanna came in on Saturday and had this tattoo done:

 and a detail shot…  Now I am hoping that you can tell what most of those pictures are of…. but that second one in I would like to explain. You see, these images are all things that remind Alanna of her Poppa. When she was little her Grandparents kept some toys for her to play with at their house and her very favorite was this little guy. It is a “Banana Rocker”. There are a couple of blurry photos of her happily playing on it as a child. Well the original banana rocker has long since been lost, but on the morning of her appointment Alanna’s mom found another one and delivered it to her before she came into the shop. Of course we had to play with it too! This is her Dad and I on the banana rocker which I believe Alanna decided to name Douglas:

  I am hoping that Douglas is well loved in his new home. I think he and Alanna will be hanging out quite a bit.


Sunday I took the day off as I normally do. I tried to take Jessie kayaking, but apparently they will not let you out on the water in a rental kayak if there has been thunder in the last half hour. I didn’t feel like waiting for however long that was going to take (since it was still thundering while we were there). So I roped Jess into going to look for the swans. Being that it was Sunday and hot – there were a whole lot of people on the water and the swans were hiding somewhere. So we drove around with Paul looking for other things to photograph. Here is some of what we found:

Monday I decided to do something completely different for me and take the whole day off. The whole day. That makes for a two day weekend. I made a decision not to set foot in either shop all day. I almost caved at one point, but I did manage to pull it off. It felt kind of nice. I might try to do it again.

I was able to go and meet little Mr Henry. He is the son of Sara (our counter girl from Webster) and her husband Zach.

Monday night I was able to make it back to figure drawing class at the Steve Carpenter Studio. Once again I only stayed for the first two hours when they do gesture drawings. I am still not ready to hang out for the live portrait painting portion of the evening. Maybe someday. Here are my sketches from this week.

and I think that I have revamped this bunny painting and have it to a point that I think it is finished. In case you don’t remember it (it’s been a long damn time) the first photo is what it looked like before:

All in all it was a great weekend. I really do plan on doing this two day weekend thing more often!

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