Finally Back to Figure Drawing Class

With everything that has been going on, it has been exceptionally difficult to make it back to class.

Finally made it back last night. It was very awkward and uncomfortable. I still am experimenting with the perfect medium to use for these – and while I know that is charcoal for most people…. I really can’t stand the way the charcoal feels. Yes, I know that is strange, but this is something that I do for my enjoyment and if I am freaked out about touching the charcoal, I’m just not going to.
Previously I used the conte crayons and last night I tried using a prismacolor color stick. It wasn’t the best solution and I don’t like the blue, but I think I would be willing to try it again if I can find one in a more neutral color.

So here is what I made last night. Complete with Loki helping me to photograph. (Loki is my daughter Teigan’s cat and I am watching him for her while she is in London)


~ by justteejay on July 26, 2011.

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