and I make tattoos too….

I don’t know for sure why I have a blog. I wander all over the place with it. I was mentioning this to some friends of mine not too long ago and they told me it was okay. They said, I give what I advertise…. what you get here is “Just TeeJay”. For better or worse whatever it occurs to me to put here – I put here. Sometimes I write really long blogs that just get left in the queue. Sometimes you get wherever I am at that day.

I figured I would mix things up a bit and actually post some tattoos this time.


Tracy is a friend of mine from back in the day. Way back in the day. We both have kids that are older than we were when we started hanging out. She has been talking about getting her first tattoo for quite a while and recently we were finally able to make that happen.
We joked that she had been waiting all this time for me to get good enough.

Really it meant a lot to me to see her, to laugh and giggle and hang out some and from what she tells me, she is pretty happy with the tattoo.

Love you Tracy – thank you for being you and sharing that with me.

Sacred Turtle Rattle with tobacco and strawberries                                                                                                                                                                          

Claudette had started her arm tattoo quite a while back. I have talked to her periodically on the internet but we hadn’t actually worked on her tattoo since 2006. I was very proud of myself that I was able to locate the original reference and glad to see her again (in person) after all of this time.

flowers,forget me not,lily,

Garrett has one more small session to go on this one to finish it up….

eagle chest tattoo

Julia came in and we did a bit more on her arm – hoping to get her in to at least get this section of her arm finished before she moves to Virginia. Anyone want to give their appointment spot to a nice young girl?

julia's tattoo

Mariah works with me in the Webster shop and she made an appointment to let me work on her head. She did amazingly well and let me finish this in one sit that I am sure felt a whole lot longer than it really was:

head tattoo stencilflower head tattoo

Scott came in and got this nice cool snowman (a perfect tattoo for June). He didn’t remember the name of the artist who designed the piece – when I find out what it is I will be sure to give that person credit.

snow man tattoo He let me take some healed photos of the piece we had made on his calf a few years back – and of course all of the photos were horrible. Oh well. I am far better at tattooing than photography. halloween tattoo

and today I made this nice little one for Mary.

eagle feather tattoo

Mary left me a present to open after she left and I am glad that I waited, because I cried when I opened it. Thank you Mary. I am sure that you know how much that meant to me, so I won’t try to explain it here.


Maybe I’ll have some more tattoos for you next time… or maybe I’ll be on some other tangent by then. You just never know.

~ by justteejay on June 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “and I make tattoos too….”

  1. Teej, you have an amazing gift, and we are blessed that you share your gift with us. Your art, your words, and your beautiful self … thank you.

  2. teejay, you are an amazing woman, person, and tattoo artist…..i am so lucky and blessed to have do work on me..thank you so much for everything….and i am glad i got to know you.., thank you…
    always, mary..

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