Yeah for Days Off!!

So with all of the chaos from the move (and the renovations and the plumbing incident and the building purchase….) I really have felt like I was not only getting further and further behind but that I was never going to have any time to enjoy myself again.

Finally on Sunday I had some breathing room.

Paul helped me go and pick up this amazing dresser that I will be using to store my equipment in the Webster shop. I was super excited that I got such a good deal on it. It wound up being less than I would have payed for a fiber board one from big lots (I know, I looked at those as well)

Then with that accomplished we headed back home. Thanks to the grey and rainy weather we could put off the outside chores for another day guilt free.

I decided to sit down and finish up some paintings that have been lurking around unfinished.

First the Mandrake. This one was started with the water soluble oils and I finished it up with the Walnut Oils. Unfortunately it didn’t photograph well. I will have to try again.

Then on to the elephant. This one was supposed to be a pink elephant and when I painted it originally in Fred’s class it wound up purple. Good thing Fred can’t see this one because I changed back a couple things that he definitely didn’t like about it. Oh well. I like it better with the changes back (and it more pink). Still think it is a tad on the red side, but much better than the purple was.

This little critter was started during one of our very first AYU Art gatherings and has been neglected ever since. I felt like he needed something else to go with him. I’m not sure this was it… but this is a learning process after all.

By this point I was running out of room on my palette, but I decided to start just one more anyhow. I brought the swan back out and started on the background. My daughter arrived to do laundry and visit and so I left this one with very little added to it.

All in all a very productive day. I am hoping to have more of those this coming week. The lovely and talented Caryl Cunningham is coming to do a guest spot and I am letting her use my station. So I have a few days of not tattooing to get caught up on some of the other stuff.

~ by justteejay on May 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Yeah for Days Off!!”

  1. fantastic… very happy for you that you finally got some time for you.

  2. Congrats on your “more than well deserved” day off.. I personally LOVE the pink elephant and little critter 🙂

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