Progression of a Painting “She Has Seen…”

I finished this one up a while back (and it took the longest time to dry of I think anything that I have ever done). I had posted a photo of it on here when I mailed it out.

This morning in doing some file transfer stuff I came across the stage photos.

She is currently at Off the Map for their Goddess show. I’m not sure if I will see her again – if someone else loves her, she won’t be coming back to me. A friend of mine had told me one time that I was giving the gift of creating. That didn’t mean that I get to keep the creations. They are all intended for someone else and the Universe will find that person. So I am not sure if that person in Massachusetts or not. Only time will tell.

Whatever happens to her now – here is some of her coming to be.

~ by justteejay on April 7, 2011.

One Response to “Progression of a Painting “She Has Seen…””

  1. I know of a home in MA that some of your painting can or already do live šŸ™‚

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