Chris Dingwell Acrylic Paint Workshop

Sunday Chris Dingwell came to town to do a workshop for us on his techniques with acrylic paint. The description of the workshop is here Dingwell Workshop so I won’t go over that again.

We had a great time and everyone agreed that they learned a lot and pushed themselves to try new things. There were a variety of artistic levels and experience in the workshop which was great and exactly what we were hoping for. One person had never even painted at all before.

I would like to thank Chris again for making the trip to Rochester to do this for us and hope that he would be willing to come back again some time in the future.

Thanks Chris!

and without further ado…. here are the photos!

And the pictures that Chris took that I stole off his face book page:

and yes, those last two photos are of me using a blowtorch on my painting. I told you we were trying new things.

I hope to be able to get finished photos from anyone who goes ahead and completes their painting (Chris said his was finished, some people were thinking about doing some more and some figured they would leave them as learning projects and not try to bring them to completion). If I get any – they will go here.

Thanks again to Chris and everyone who was able to make it to the workshop! It was great hanging out with all of you!!!

~ by justteejay on March 14, 2011.

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