Trying Out Oils (for real)

I have been using water soluble oils for most of my paintings for a while now. A couple of years ago at Paradise (then Tattoo Convention) I was given the opportunity to play with real oils during a class. They really appealed to me as the water solubles are sticky. Which requires a lot of scrubbing and pressing hard with the brush to get the paint off of the brush and onto the canvas. Even in experimenting with the additives I have never been able to get anything remotely close to a clean flowing line.

I have hesitated about making the transition to oils for a variety of reasons (concerns about solvents, the mess, the extra time required… yada yada yada) but every time I found myself scrubbing away at a painting and unable to add more layers without scraping off what was already there – I longed for something easier to work with.

Cindy from the ArtStop had told me about walnut oil based paints – which eliminates a lot of the solvent problems associated with normal oil paints. Sounded like a great idea – except for one thing. I have an allergy to walnuts. Not too bad with regular walnuts, but supposedly deadly with black walnut. Not being too terribly sure about the differences I tend to avoid things walnut.

So what happens if I buy a nice new set of oil paints and can’t use them? Damon suggested that I just get the black and white to try them out. If I die, no need to purchase anymore : ) When I was in the store I decided to go all out and buy a couple of colors that I use frequently as well (yellow ochre and a purple that starts with a long word dio-something).

Sunday  I finally had some time off.

Of course Toby needed to help with my new project – both by trying to add his touches to what I was doing:

and by trying to keep that pesky left arm from being in my way:

Despite his help I learned a lot. I don’t consider this to be finished – but it should dry before I go at it again. I learned a TON. Did Not have any kind of anaphylactic reaction and am hoping to be able to do more soon(ish).

Tonight I go back to Fred’s class and I am not sure that I am up for using the real oils again – but I am going to bring them just in case I am feeling braver tonight.

~ by justteejay on March 1, 2011.

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