Excuse me, Might I have your Nipple Please??

I am aware that this is an odd request. Unfortunately I don’t know how much that will diminish in the explaining, but I will attempt to do so anyhow.

I make nipples for women. I tattoo nipples on mastectomy patients after reconstruction. Sometimes I correct or fix nipples that have been damaged in some way.

On the majority of the reconstructive work a doctor is there months before me making cuts and reshaping the skin into what will become the protuberance of the nipple. Then once that is healed I will tattoo color on the area to make it more realistic.

Sometimes a patient will opt to forgo this part of the procedure and will come to me with what the doctors refer to as a “flesh mound” with no dimensional nipple reconstruction. With these patients I will create a 3D effect. Tattoo the area with a faux technique so that it looks as if the nipple protrudes forward, but is in reality completely flat.

Some of you who have been here for a while remember when Thom was nice enough to let me photograph this process and install a new nipple for him on his arm. (Or you can see it HERE) This is the tattoo on Thom’s arm:

The book that I mentioned in that blog is coming closer to happening. It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to include photos of nipples for guidelines and for discussion on color and shading. The photos that I currently have were obtained in the interest of documenting procedures and I would not want to use them further without permission. I was talking with one of my clients about this dilemma and she suggested that I ask people for them. She even volunteered to help, to let me photograph her nipples and to go out and ask friends if she could photograph theirs.

So here I am. Asking. Can you please send me a photo of your nipple(s)? It would be best if the photos were clear and taken without a flash – with the amazing cameras on phones these days it would not be hard to do even of yourself (or you could have a friend help).

I will need all sorts of color and size and shape and ethnicity for this so ANY contributions are appreciated.

For the legal folks once we get around to publishing I will need a release waiver signed. It is at the bottom of this along with my direct email to send the photos to.


In addition to the book which will be primarily aimed at health care professionals and other tattoo artists who are doing this type of work – I would like to do some art projects to help raise awareness for breast cancer and what these women go through.

In working in this field for over ten years I have seen an amazing transformation of what can be done for reconstruction – but I have also seen how few people are aware of it. I also have discovered a lot about how nipples affect women’s self image and their sexuality. I have seen a disturbing amount of misinformation and even more misunderstanding.

I would like to do what I can to help.

If you would as well, sending me your nipple (photos) can perhaps be a small step.

Thank you in advance,



If you are willing to be photographed in person, please give me  a call and we can set up a time to get together.

To submit electronically, please cut and paste the form below, complete it, attach your photo(s) and send them to me at teejay@frontiernet.net


By submitting these photographs I am stating that I am

– Over the age of 18 and that anyone within the photographs is over the age of 18

– Have legal rights to the photographs that I am submitting

– Irrevocably transfer ownership of these images to Teressa Jean Dill to use for publication and/or redistribution with no compensation paid to me

– Understand that these photographs may be used for trade publications, art productions or other future uses as seen fit by Teressa Jean Dill under her name or the names of TeeJay, White Tiger Tattoo, Angry Bunny LLC or any future identities which may be formed.

– Understand that I will not be personally identified at any time with any uses of these images. My identity will remain anonymous in any future use.

With my electronic signature below I release these photographs at this time:


Year of Birth:

City, State or Country:


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2 Responses to “Excuse me, Might I have your Nipple Please??”

  1. TeeJay,

    If you want one, we can take a picture on Thursday. Also, if you still need someone to sit for step by step photos of the process I’d still be willing to do that if you need someone.


  2. would it be alright if i just send photos of… rather than the nipples themselves? i can send before, and after (breast reduction). the afters are still a little raw and unpolished, you can take well healed pics when i see you in July if you are still working on this project.

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