One of Those Days

Wednesday was a bad day. Actually Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were bad days.

I could go through and list everything that went wrong over that three day period, but I’d rather not.

There was a book when I was a kid called “Alexander & the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day”. I’m not familiar with the book beyond the title – but once in a while we all have them. I think this stretch hit it’s full stride sometime Tuesday and has been improving ever since. Today was back to being just a normal day.

Thank Goodness. I really couldn’t have taken much more.

On the up side, I remembered that I have some wonderful people around me who I can lean on when things get really bad. Thank you all for getting me through to the other side.

And I actually managed to make it to art class Tuesday night and start another painting without crying or making a scene in class (not that I have done either before – but I really felt like falling apart and being in a public space helped make it not happen).

So here is the painting that I started (and again, as far as I got while in class… I haven’t gone back to the swan yet either). Of course I hated it that night (purely because of the mood that I was in). Not so bad now, other than it was supposed to be a pink elephant and right now it is definitely more purple than pink.


~ by justteejay on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “One of Those Days”

  1. Ive been thinking of you.. Everyday this week has been a struggle but have some how managed to get my ass out of bed and make myself be semi productive.. Cant wait to see you soon

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