This Week in Review

It’s been a busy week…. and the cable for the camera went missing at home. So here is some of what I have been up to this past week or so in kind of some sort of order:

On Monday Damon and I went and checked out a figure drawing class at Steve Carpenter’s Studio. I definitely plan on going again (unfortunately not this week though…) The class is great – it’s just going to take some rearranging of my schedule in order to make it regularly. I think Damon and Starr will be going again soon as well.

On Tuesday I started a portrait on Eric of his dog Wilson. Hope to be able to finish this one up next time:

(I like that you can see just a bit of the photo reference in the back)

Garrett stopped in so that I could get some healed photos of his arm. The closeups will be on the webpage soon:

Tuesday night I returned to my painting class at the Memorial Art Gallery with Fred Lipp which unfortunately had actually started the week prior (so I missed the first week). I began this painting in class and took a couple of stage photos along the way. This is as far as I got during class.

If I get around to finishing it, I will post updated pictures. I seem to have an overabundance of unfinished paintings at the moment.

Wednesday I got to tattoo Starr. She told me that I could put whatever I wanted on her. And the best part is that she really meant it! Yay! Dead bird tattoo for TeeJay. Hoping I can talk her into finishing is soon : ) I don’t think it will be difficult – she is a trooper about getting tattooed (unlike me).

On Thursday Tony came in and got some work done on each arm. Unfortunately I did not get a decent photo of either one – so here are the best of the bad photos anyhow:

Friday I made this piece for Eric. He has brought me some great concepts in the past that I have had a lot of fun with. This piece was no different. Sometime soon there will be another post that will go more into depth about both this one and one of Eric’s older pieces:

I also worked on Meghan’s half sleeve on Friday – but must not have taken any pictures of it. Sorry Meghan!

Saturday I spent the day torturing the lovely Miss Katie. I’m not going to show you her entire tattoo yet – but here are a few sneak peaks:

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